Bringing you the confidence to parent effectively

While I may meet with a child or teen for counselling once a week, parents are with their children ALL the time. This is why counselling services to parents is essential. The best relationship a young person has should NOT be with a therapist, but with their parents.  

When might parenting support be helpful?   

– You notice difficulties with your child’s behaviour                                                 
– There is tension amongst family members                                                               
– You experience low confidence with your parenting skills                                   
– There is a poor relationship with children                                                               
 – There has been aggression or violence in the home                                                                                                                                                                                           
At Kasi Shan Therapy, I support parents in addressing their own attachment history. We discuss your childhood, your relationships, your experiences with trauma and mental health and how all of these factors impact your current parenting. Feeling confident in your parenting, learning communication skills, and problem solving triggers are a few ways in which counselling can be of help. Do not hesitate to seek support or contact me if you have any questions.  

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