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Your past does not have to define your future.

What will it be like to work with me?

Going to counselling may be something you have considered or avoided for a long time. It is difficult to open up to someone and share your troubles, especially when these troubles are about memories you wish didn’t impact you today. The unfortunate reality is that all of us have experienced some form of trauma be it Big Traumas (i.e. car accidents, sexual abuse, parental alienation), or little traumas (i.e. that seemingly small conversation with your boss last month that still irritates you). It takes a lot of guts to consider counselling, and I thank you for taking that risk.

My job is to help you in addressing these big and little traumas. We look into all of the coping strategies that you’ve used to survive over these years without any judgement or shame. When you feel ready, we start addressing traumatic memories directly. You deserve to be in control of your life; working to release the pain of trauma can give you that opportunity.

I believe strongly in collaborative relationships with clients where we work together to establish goals and treatment plans. I aim to work at a pace that feels comfortable and challenging. I strive to bring a compassionate and non-judgemental approach in my services to foster a safe environment for clients to open up and work on their goals.

A significant factor in therapy is feeling understood by your counsellor. If it feels right for you, then we can begin this journey.

Kasi Shanmukanathan,  MSW, RSW
Kasi Shanmukanathan, MSW, RSW

Licence: Ontario / 824209
School: Carleton University
Year Graduated: 2012

In addition to my schooling, I have received advanced training in:
– Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
– Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
– Internal Family Systems Therapy

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