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Shame and the postpartum experience

One of the biggest aversions to attending postpartum therapy is shame. You feel ashamed that your emotions are messy. This isn’t like you. Normally, you’re calm and cool. But, suddenly your hormones are all over the place, your hair is a mess and you can’t remember the last time you showered. There hasn’t been aContinue reading “Shame and the postpartum experience”

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Starting trauma therapy? Tips to support those initial fears

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous when you’re connecting with a new therapist especially when you’re starting trauma therapy. This is the person you intend to tell your vulnerable history, and pray that they know what to do with all that information. The idea of opening up to share your lowest times can beContinue reading “Starting trauma therapy? Tips to support those initial fears”

Little Known Ways to Surviving The Newborn Stage

If you are in your first few days of parenting, congratulations! Welcome to the club! 🙂 The newborn stage is exciting and petrifying. If you are a first time parent, you may be tested in ways that you’ve never dealt with previously. I hope the following tips will help you during these early days. TheContinue reading “Little Known Ways to Surviving The Newborn Stage”

The fear of abandonment: Why am I trying so hard?

Does the fear of abandonment push you to act in undesirable ways? How often do you jump through hoops to suit another person? Do you feel a constant pressure to do more and be more so that others are not upset with you? To cope with these fears, you may have learned to keep yourContinue reading “The fear of abandonment: Why am I trying so hard?”

Considering trauma therapy? How to tell if EMDR is right for you

If you have been searching for trauma therapy, chances are that you have come across the term “EMDR”. While there are many types of therapy that can address trauma, EMDR has become well known in the counselling world as being an excellent and fast option for processing difficult life events. But how do you knowContinue reading “Considering trauma therapy? How to tell if EMDR is right for you”

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The pressures of breastfeeding

That first year with a baby is all about feeding, feeding and more feeding. For every parent, there is a time when he or she decides whether to breastfeed, exclusively pump, stick to formula, or use a combination approach. There are a variety of factors that push a parent towards one choice over the other.Continue reading “The pressures of breastfeeding”

How to help someone who is grieving. Postpartum and prenatal loss. strategies to help grieving loved one

How to help someone who is grieving

What has been your experience with grief? Have you gone through the process yourself? Do you feel overwhelmed when others experience loss? Working in the perinatal field, I am surrounded by parents who have survived loss. These experiences vary vastly from the endless cycles of hope and loss during IVF treatment, to processing a miscarriage,Continue reading “How to help someone who is grieving”

PTSD and trauma. Do I seek help? Kasi Shan Therapy offers counselling support in Kitchener, Ontario

Should I be concerned about PTSD?

If you have survived a traumatic experience, it’s natural that you are feeling worried about how to proceed. You may have many concerns running through your mind: How long will I feel this way? Am I supposed to seek treatment? Is it normal for me to feel like this? Whether it’s an unsettling birth experience,Continue reading “Should I be concerned about PTSD?”

What is happening with my mood?! D-MER and Breastfeeding

What is your experience with breastfeeding? Do you feel angry or tearful as soon as you start? Is there a sense of dread when you begin another pumping session? How intense is your anxiety during these moments? When it comes to nursing, there are many parents who enjoy the experience and feel it’s an opportunityContinue reading “What is happening with my mood?! D-MER and Breastfeeding”

Support for the avoidant parent

Sure, you and your partner have talked about having a child. In theory, it seemed fine. But now that your baby has arrived, it feels harder than you ever expected. It is exhausting trying to connect with this unresponsive baby. It feels like everytime you pick up your child, he or she knows to screamContinue reading “Support for the avoidant parent”

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Will I have postpartum depression again?

For anyone who has survived postpartum depression, you know how painful and unsettling life felt after your baby arrived. During that first year, you are overwhelmed with feelings of irritability, helplessness, anger, rage, sadness, and anxiety (just to name a few). The fear of ever facing this experience again causes many parents to hesitate aboutContinue reading “Will I have postpartum depression again?”

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Building a bond with your baby: Strategies to help when you struggle with postpartum mental health

When it comes to postpartum mental health, many parents struggle to building a connection with their little ones. There may be feelings of resentment that our lives have changed. You may feel too tired to want to play or sing nurseries. Your anxiety feels too high for you to be comfortable spending time alone withContinue reading “Building a bond with your baby: Strategies to help when you struggle with postpartum mental health”

“They’d be better off without me”: Suicide and Postpartum Mental Health

“They’d be better off without me.” “I can’t do this. What am I doing here?” “How am I supposed to do this everyday for the rest of my life?” I hear sentences like these frequently in my work with postpartum parents. It is heartbreaking and I know that when someone gets to this place ofContinue reading ““They’d be better off without me”: Suicide and Postpartum Mental Health”

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A Note for all “Mothers”

On Mother’s Day, we are bombarded with social media posts doting on all the maternal figures in our lives. While there is no denying that there are some fantastic mothers out there, not all of us feel lucky to have this type of positive influence. Many mothers do not feel confident enough to call themselvesContinue reading “A Note for all “Mothers””

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Postpartum Rage: I am going to lose it!

I feel like society normalizes feeling overwhelmed, insecure, and stressed as a new parent. While our society is more compassionate towards these vulnerabilities, there is much less acceptance when it comes to our anger. Postpartum rage is a common occurrence during the first year with a baby. It can show up as a symptom ofContinue reading “Postpartum Rage: I am going to lose it!”

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Working through the Baby Blues

Many postpartum parents can attest that the first two weeks after delivery can feel like a nightmare. With the numerous changes that a parent experiences (e.g. hormones, sleep patterns, feeding schedule, diaper changes, etc), those initial days are about surviving the storm. Unfortunately, for many of us, adapting to these new changes can feel likeContinue reading “Working through the Baby Blues”

Working with unwanted feelings

When I am feeling anxious, unhappy or generally lousy, I hate the idea of mindfully noticing these unwanted feelings. There is intense resistance to “sitting with” or accepting my emotions. During these low moments, I have zero understanding or time for my feelings. My only goal is to get rid of them. I imagine manyContinue reading “Working with unwanted feelings”

Understanding Birth Trauma

You’ve been patient, waited 9 months, and dealt with all of the aches, nausea and fatigue in order to get to your delivery date. You may have an ideal birth story in your mind; many of us do. Some parents imagine a specific atmosphere while delivering (e.g. support people around, delivering at home). Some parentsContinue reading “Understanding Birth Trauma”

Wanting to be a better parent

Every caregiver can appreciate the desire to be a better parent for their kids. We can also appreciate how this goal seems unachievable when we are snapping at our little ones after the third tantrum of the morning. The desire to be a better parent comes from good intentions; we want these tiny humans toContinue reading “Wanting to be a better parent”

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Why am I feeling stuck in my trauma?

Even years after a traumatic experience, we can feel stuck in a place of emotional distress. In therapy, I noticed that many trauma survivors would struggle to find self-compassion. They would get caught in an endless loop of self-blame and resentment. Other clients were keen to begin therapy; however, they were easily overwhelmed once theyContinue reading “Why am I feeling stuck in my trauma?”

What causes mental health struggles?

When new clients come in for counselling, many present with resentment and anger for experiencing mental health struggles. Following any emotional upheaval, we search for clarity. We want to understand what causes mental health difficulties, and we want the fastest solution to make it all feel better. Since mental health impacts the whole family, caregiversContinue reading “What causes mental health struggles?”

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5 Tips to help keep your New Year’s resolutions

As we welcome a new year, some of us may be considering the endless battle with New Year’s resolutions. About 80% of people abandon their resolutions within the first few months of starting. We know this is not due to will power, but because it is hard to create new habits and change old patterns.Continue reading “5 Tips to help keep your New Year’s resolutions”


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