Unhappy relationship after a baby

Relationships are tested all the time when life throws curve balls. As much as we’d love for a new family member to bring us closer together, having a baby can actually worsen the sense of an unhappy relationship. Working in perinatal mental health, I hear a lot of parents talking about their relationship dissatisfaction. IContinue reading “Unhappy relationship after a baby”

Mindfulness exercises to practice today. Kasi Shan Therapy offers counselling in Kitchener, ON & online.

15 mindfulness exercises to try today

There are so many ways to incorporate mindfulness in to your daily life and one post doesn’t suffice. Mindfulness is a moment to moment awareness of what’s happening internally (your emotions and physical sensations) and externally (using your senses to note what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch). While the definition may sound complicated,Continue reading “15 mindfulness exercises to try today”

Validation to improve your relationship. Kasi Shan Therapy offers counselling services online and in Kitchener, ON.

Using validation to improve your relationship

When it comes to some challenging relationships, we all recognize that miscommunications and frustration seem endless. It feels like every conversation hits a roadblocks, and both you and the other person walk away feeling hurt, pissed off, and unheard. So how do we work through these blocks so that we can improve our relationship withContinue reading “Using validation to improve your relationship”

3 strategies to improve your parenting style: Communication

3 tips to improve your parenting style

How do you find your parenting style? Does it meet the standards you’d set out for yourself? Are there times where you look back and cringe, wishing things had gone differently? Are there moments where you’re proud of how you handled a tough tantrum? In the next few posts, I will be sharing some strategiesContinue reading “3 tips to improve your parenting style”

Safety Planning During COVID-19

This is a unique time in the world, where staying at home is meant to be the safest option. Yet, for someone living with an abusive roommate, partner or family member, staying at home can create a world of danger. Living within the confines of your four falls can mean being always available to aContinue reading “Safety Planning During COVID-19”

What is EMDR therapy and how does it help with PTSD?

What is EMDR therapy and how does it help my PTSD?

It’s frustrating when you’ve been to therapy for many years and no amount of talking has truly helped you recover from traumatic events. While I practice CBT, DBT and other forms of traditional talk therapy, I have shifted my practice to focus heavily on EMDR to help process difficult memories that seem “stuck”. EMDR therapy,Continue reading “What is EMDR therapy and how does it help my PTSD?”

Coronavirus and the fear of not knowing

COVID-19: Working with the fear of not knowing

One of the biggest struggles with COVID-19 is the uncertainty with this virus. How do we treat it? Will we become infected? How long will we need to maintain physical distance?Given that there is so much that is unknown right now, it is understandable that many of us are struggling with anxiety. The following areContinue reading “COVID-19: Working with the fear of not knowing”

Understanding your window of tolerance. Kasi Shan Therapy offers counselling services in Kitchener, ON and Online.

Understanding our Window of Tolerance

A few weeks ago, I wrote Why is everything harder after trauma? In continuing the conversation about trauma’s shift to our nervous system, I came across this great little video that explains the window of tolerance in a very accessible way. For my fellow learners, I hope this piques your interest! For fellow parents, IContinue reading “Understanding our Window of Tolerance”

Race and cultural sensitivity in counselling

Race and Culture in Therapy

Given the atrocities that have cost lives in the past few weeks (e.g., George Floyd, Breonna Taylor), race and ethnicity are at the forefront of many minds. I have been thinking a lot about racial and cultural sensitivity within a counselling space, and I wanted to take some time to share how I address bothContinue reading “Race and Culture in Therapy”

Calming the anxieties of our inner perfectionist

I have talked about the “perfectionist” part of me in previous posts. When this part of me gets going, it wants to set high standards and throw all concepts of work/life balance out the window. You may have a similar perfectionist inside of you. This perfectionist may say harsh comments like: Why are you notContinue reading “Calming the anxieties of our inner perfectionist”


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