You can control your anxiety instead of your anxiety controlling you.

Anxiety has been the major roadblock to various endeavours in your life. It has prevented you from making friends, applying for jobs, feeling rested, or taking the chance on exciting opportunities. Your entire life has felt confined within the restricted “safe zones” of what your fears will permit.

Anxiety disorders can show up in many different variations, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Phobias. Underlying all of these variations is the theme of persistent worrying. While anxiety is a normal emotion, it is not normal or fair for you to suffer because your overwhelming worries are preventing you from enjoying your life.

Therapy can provide you with the right tools to finally address your anxiety. Attending counselling can leave you feeling more confident in your ability to address these worries as you will learn various coping mechanisms and problem solving skills. At Kasi Shan Therapy, clients will collaborate in establishing a treatment plan that best fits their comfort and readiness. Techniques such as challenging negative thought patterns, exposure work, and addressing protective intents of anxiety are just a few options of the work to come.  

If you’re ready to address your anxiety, reach out!

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