Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy

How many sessions will therapy take?

The length of therapy will vary for each individual depending on a variety of factors such as complexity of needs, vulnerabilities, readiness for change, and frequency of appointments. I end each session checking in to ensure that our treatment continues to focus on agreed upon goals. Once treatment goals feel achieved, therapy can be continued on an as-needed basis.  

What are your fees and forms of payment?

  • 55-minutes appointments: $175
  • 90-minutes appointments: $235. 
  • University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University students: $100 for 55-minute appointments.
  • Open Path Collective clients: $50 for 55-minute appointments

Currently OHIP does not cover the cost of counselling services. If you have medical coverage, please connect with your insurance provider to inquire about eligibility for counselling services. Payments are made via e-transfers and are required by the date listed on your invoice. A receipt will be provided.

How often should I attend? 

On average, most people attend counselling weekly for the first month, and then gradually meet less frequently. However, this decision is based on your preferences and needs. I recommend that initial appointments are scheduled for 90-minutes to ensure enough time is available to complete intake. 

Could I have a free consultation before starting therapy?

Absolutely! For those who would like to chat prior to setting up counselling appointments, I offer a 15 minute phone consult. This conversation gives us an opportunity to ask and answer questions, as well as assess your comfort with my approach. This is not a formal therapy session; however, it is an opportunity for us to connect prior to beginning our work together.

What are your cancellation policies?

Your appointment time is for your exclusive use. When appointments are missed or cancelled within short notice, it is often too late to offer this time to another client. Please provide 48 hours advance notice to any changes to appointments or any cancellation. 50% of your regular session fee will apply for any missed appointments. To notify of changes to appointments, please telephone or email. ​​​​​​​

Can you make a diagnosis or prescribe medication?

No.  Only physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists are able to diagnose in Ontario. While we may discuss the value in adding medication to support your healing, you will need to speak with your family doctor or psychiatrist to access a prescription. 

Can I ask details about my teen’s counselling?

According to the Health Care Consent Act (1996), there is no specified “age of consent” with respect to personal health care decisions. Clients of any age are considered capable of refusing or providing consent to their own treatment, as long as they possess the maturity to understand the information provided and appreciate the consequences of their decision.  I will speak directly with your teen to confirm consent before sharing information with parents. Exceptions are in situations where there is a duty to report. Please view the Forms section for further details regarding adolescent services and duties to report.

How I should prepare for my first session?

Please visit the Forms section to access the Initial Appointment Package. If you do not have time before your appointment to fill out the paperwork, please come in 10 minutes prior to your appointment to complete it in person. 
Beyond this step, breathe and consider a pace that suits you. We will spend time in the first appointment discussing your history and establishing goals for our work together. You are encouraged to share as much as you are comfortable and ready to disclose. It is perfectly understandable to take time building trust and rapport before feeling ready to explore wounds.

Do you offer online therapy?

Definitely! It can be difficult to coordinate schedules, transportation, and other life factors to come in for counselling. I offer online therapy via PowerDiary, a secure video platform. Clients are emailed a videolink prior to their appointment time.  

Are you seeing clients in person?

Yes. I see clients in person on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 276 Frederick Street, Kitchener, Ontario. Due to COVID protocols, clients are requested to enter the space wearing a mask. There will be seating available at 6 feet distance once you are in the counselling room.

Is your office accessible?

Unfortunately, there are a few stairs to enter the premise, as well as to get to my office (located on the second floor). If this is a concern, please arrange for an online appointment.