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Have you been thinking about counselling for some time? Having a good fit with a counsellor is important. Contact Kasi Shan Therapy and arrange a free 15-minute consult to see if you feel comfortable starting services.

Kasi Shan Therapy offers a variety of paths to arrange your initial contact. You can email, call or visit the scheduling portal to set up a time that is convenient for you. You can schedule an initial appointment, or if you’re not quite sure about starting counselling, you can arrange a free 15-minute appointment to confirm if my services feels right for you. Depending on your comfort and needs, appointments can be available online or in-person (office located in Kitchener, Ontario).

At the end of the day, arranging a counselling appointment should not be the biggest barrier to getting help. If you have any questions about services, please take a moment to visit the FAQs page or send an email.

Set up a time

Visit the scheduling portal to set up your first appointment

Hate making phone calls? Feel free to reach out via email


Unfortunately, we do not live in a world of zero paperwork. If you hate reading through forms, don’t fret. We can go over them in person during our initial consult.

Please take a few minutes to click on the links and read over the forms. These documents can also be completed online, and will be shared after the initial consult call.