Considering trauma therapy? How to tell if EMDR is right for you

If you have been searching for trauma therapy, chances are that you have come across the term “EMDR”. While there are many types of therapy that can address trauma, EMDR has become well known in the counselling world as being an excellent and fast option for processing difficult life events. But how do you knowContinue reading “Considering trauma therapy? How to tell if EMDR is right for you”

Should I be concerned about PTSD?

If you have survived a traumatic experience, it’s natural that you are feeling worried about how to proceed. You may have many concerns running through your mind: How long will I feel this way? Am I supposed to seek treatment? Is it normal for me to feel like this? Whether it’s an unsettling birth experience,Continue reading “Should I be concerned about PTSD?”

Understanding Birth Trauma

You’ve been patient, waited 9 months, and dealt with all of the aches, nausea and fatigue in order to get to your delivery date. You may have an ideal birth story in your mind; many of us do. Some parents imagine a specific atmosphere while delivering (e.g. support people around, delivering at home). Some parentsContinue reading “Understanding Birth Trauma”

Why am I feeling stuck in my trauma?

Even years after a traumatic experience, we can feel stuck in a place of emotional distress. In therapy, I noticed that many trauma survivors would struggle to find self-compassion. They would get caught in an endless loop of self-blame and resentment. Other clients were keen to begin therapy; however, they were easily overwhelmed once theyContinue reading “Why am I feeling stuck in my trauma?”

What is EMDR therapy and how does it help my PTSD?

It’s frustrating when you’ve been to therapy for many years and no amount of talking has truly helped you recover from traumatic events. While I practice CBT, DBT and other forms of traditional talk therapy, I have shifted my practice to focus heavily on EMDR to help process difficult memories that seem “stuck”. EMDR therapy,Continue reading “What is EMDR therapy and how does it help my PTSD?”

Understanding our Window of Tolerance

A few weeks ago, I wrote Why is everything harder after trauma? In continuing the conversation about trauma’s shift to our nervous system, I came across this great little video that explains the window of tolerance in a very accessible way. For my fellow learners, I hope this piques your interest! For fellow parents, IContinue reading “Understanding our Window of Tolerance”

Why leaving an abusive relationship is so hard

How often have you been asked, “Why don’t you just leave?” It’s a common comment made by some well-intentioned (or perhaps not so well-intended) friends who have never experienced intimate partner violence. The following are some of the many reasons why you may be having a hard time making this decision. Love– yes, there isContinue reading “Why leaving an abusive relationship is so hard”

Why is everything harder after trauma?

When we think of trauma, it’s easy to focus on big ticket issues (i.e. experiencing violence, parental neglect, car accidents). We tend to overlook the frequency of little traumas that are experienced daily (i.e. harsh rebukes from parents, feeling unloved, financial strains). The accumulation of these big and little traumas make a significant shift inContinue reading “Why is everything harder after trauma?”