COVID-19: Working with the fear of not knowing

One of the biggest struggles with COVID-19 is the uncertainty with this virus. How do we treat it? Will we become infected? How long will we need to maintain physical distance?Given that there is so much that is unknown right now, it is understandable that many of us are struggling with anxiety. The following areContinue reading “COVID-19: Working with the fear of not knowing”

Understanding our Window of Tolerance

A few weeks ago, I wrote Why is everything harder after trauma? In continuing the conversation about trauma’s shift to our nervous system, I came across this great little video that explains the window of tolerance in a very accessible way. For my fellow learners, I hope this piques your interest! For fellow parents, IContinue reading “Understanding our Window of Tolerance”

Calming the anxieties of our inner perfectionist

I have talked about the “perfectionist” part of me in previous posts. When this part of me gets going, it wants to set high standards and throw all concepts of work/life balance out the window. You may have a similar perfectionist inside of you. This perfectionist may say harsh comments like: Why are you notContinue reading “Calming the anxieties of our inner perfectionist”

5 Tips to handle stress

Many times in life we come across a problem that we cannot fix right away. During these times, therapists encourage a fancy term called “distress tolerance”. But what exactly does this term mean? Distress tolerance is all about handling a stressful moment without making matters worse. Let’s say you’re expecting to have a difficult conversationContinue reading “5 Tips to handle stress”

A conversation with my anxiety: Supporting fears about COVID-19

There is an abundance of updates about the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s hard to not let our anxieties overwhelm us. The following are some of my anxious thoughts over the last week, and how I used Internal Family Systems therapy to shift my relationship with these fears. There is a part of me that feelsContinue reading “A conversation with my anxiety: Supporting fears about COVID-19”

Does social anxiety stop you from starting therapy?

I wanted to share this great article (written by Arlin Cuncic, MA) on starting therapy when you have social anxiety. Social anxiety goes beyond mere “shyness”. It is a crippling fear of social situations. The individual experiences endless worries about being rejected, embarrassed or receiving negative evaluation from others. Social anxiety affects approximately 7% ofContinue reading “Does social anxiety stop you from starting therapy?”

How to stop panic attacks: A quick strategy to help you calm down

Here is a quick DBT skill to help with your anxiety. Give it a try and see how it stops your panic attacks quickly! One of my favourite teachings from Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is the temperature exercise. This skill is based off of the “mammalian dive reflex”. Basically, if you jump into a pool ofContinue reading “How to stop panic attacks: A quick strategy to help you calm down”