Safety Planning During COVID-19

This is a unique time in the world, where staying at home is meant to be the safest option. Yet, for someone living with an abusive roommate, partner or family member, staying at home can create a world of danger. Living within the confines of your four falls can mean being always available to a violent individual. The difficulty is that we cannot always predict when these blowouts will take place, and so it is important to create a safety plan to ensure there is as much safety as possible.

Everyone has the right to decide for him or herself whether it is best to stay or leave a violent relationship. This is not a decision to take lightly as there are many reasons why an individual continues to stay (i.e. love, financial security, sake of children, community pressures, fear) . If you decide it is best for you to maintain current arrangements, then I want for you to be prepared. The following are some tips that I hope will help increase safety in the home. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and the following suggestions may not be enough for you. If you would like to create a more thorough safety plan, or simply want to talk, please reach out.

Other local resources that could be of help, include:

Here 24/7 at 1-844-437-3247 (24-hour Crisis Line)
Women’s Crisis Service of Waterloo 519-742-5894 (24-hour Crisis Lines)
Carizon– 519.743.6333 (individual counselling, support group, safety planning, financial counselling, children’s services, legal services)
Victim Services of Waterloo 519-585-2363 (crisis intervention, immediate scene response, safety planning)
Sexual Assault Centre of Waterloo 519-741-8633 (24 hour support line, individual counselling for men and women, accompaniment and support for medical procedures/police investigation, Family Court Support Program)
Community Justice Initiative – 519-744-6549 (Support groups for survivors of violence, partners of survivors)